My name is Daryl Jonathan and this is both a personal and educational experiment. As a dual major – Public Relations and Creative Writing – student, I felt I needed a way to grow my volume of my work while also showcasing it to anyone interested in hiring me.

The site will feature my analyses of the marketing tactics and public relations strategies in the gaming industry. Because public relations professionals rarely provide their own opinions, only the thoughts and feelings of their clients, I have no plans to review games. But if I feel a game deserves recognition I will share a few “standouts,” providing my key observations from the game – allowing you, the reader, to form an opinion.

Whether it’s creating lore for video games or managing PR at a studio – my writing will have to be at its best, and the only way to do that is to write. Feel free to follow along, and enjoy the ride.
“[A company’s] crisis reveals [its] character.”

Looking for something to read? The pieces I’m proudest of:
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