Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, Addresses Scalebound Cancelation and First Party Line-Up

Re: “Should Microsoft Be Concerned with This Year’s Xbox Exclusive Line-Up?”

“In terms of the lineup itself, I am incredibly proud of the lineup this year. I’ve said before it’s going to be an interesting year for us because we don’t have Gear / Halo FPS. But I look at Crackdown, State of Decay, Sea of Thieves, Halo Wars 2, and maybe there are some things we haven’t talked about yet. But in the long run I know having a strong first party is important to this.” – Phill Spencer

“We are absolutely investing [in first party studios and projects.] Sometimes when we start something new we talk about it too early. I’ve learned when we try to do something ambitious with a new team / IP I’d rather not run out there and put a target on it too early…  But if I take Scalebound specifically, I would work with [Platinum Games] again in a second, I think they do great work. What we were trying to go do didn’t work for us, and I think that’s a collective us, and the thing that caused me the most consternation is that we just put it out there for everyone to just kind of watch.

We start and stop things all the time, game development is about creative push and finding where the line is and what’s gonna work and what’s not gonna work. So, investing in new party stuff, absolutely. I’m probably gonna be more careful about when we announce things…But I’m really proud of the lineup we have this year.”



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