Standouts from Escape from Tarkov Scav Livestream Interview

Update 10/3/17:

Update 6/27/17: EFT Closed Beta Announcement

  • Scav mode, available once per hour, provides you with a fully randomized character with random appearance and items. Provides you with the opportunity to collect all the loot you can, and if you get out alive you can transfer the loot to your main character stash.
    • Available later this month in alpha.
    • When you finish the raid successfully a Scav Transfer window will open allowing you to drag and drop the items you looted onto your main character.
  • The bigger your Omega Container the more items you can keep, even if you die before the end of the raid.
  • Scavs are less stealthy than other characters, talk loudly, “respond” to other characters.
  • As a Scav you may randomly spawn with A.I.Scavs. If you decide to kill one A.I. Scav the others in the vicinity will turn on you.
  • Scavs do not always join at the beginning of the game, they may join during the middle or towards the end of the raid.
  • Battlestate Games plans to become more storyline oriented and are working to make quests a major part future of the game.
  • Players have to first do all the raids, escape from tarkov, and learn why you were there in the first place. Later they will implement free roam so you can take advantage of the open world.
  • They are currently working on the first set of skills. Repeatable actions that allow you to upgrade your skills. They would like there to be 10-15 skills at the launch of the Scav faction.
  • Have plans to build a shoreline location w/ an abandoned hotel, and a village / swamp, all double the size of the current woods map.
  • Want to add the MPX, Russian APS (Stechkin Machine Pistol) and Lobaev Arms DVL-10* firearms.
  • Want to implement a stalker-esc arena mode, planned for the end of the summer. Features 1v1 and 2v2 matches 5-8 minutes each
    • Are considering two sub arena modes, one that allows you to bring your own weapons and risk losing them, and another that lets you play as a Scav.
  • Top tier weapon mastery will let you tactically reload while aiming down sights
  • Are aiming for closed beta to be around early summer and open beta late summer.
  • Will look at console releases following the full release of Escape from Takov on PC.
  • Are considering a Karma System. If you have low karma traders may stop trading with you, your weapons might jam up more, etc.
  • Do not want to implement pay to win features. If you run out of weapons on your main character NPC players might send you free things “We will find a way…it will be okay.”
  • Will let you customize your character appearance: both face (at the character creation) and clothes during the game.

*thank you to the anonymous commenter for the correction. 


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